feature: Jumping Off Point - LA Kings Insider

The Dodger Stadium outdoor game and the Winter Olympics are behind the Los Angeles Kings, but what about the recent scoring slump?

In this week’s feature, I spoke with members of the Kings who participated in the Sochi Games and gauged their outlook towards the final 23 games of the season, in which they are currently 1-0-0.

One of the feature’s most interesting quotes came from one of the team’s gold medal winners.

And then there’s Drew Doughty. Never mind the 24-year-old’s Stanley Cup and two Olympic gold medals. There’s still a lot more in store in the mind of the ambitious defenseman, who has been among the club’s brightest spots through the first five months of NHL action.

“Right now, it’s another Stanley Cup, obviously. That’s my main focus,” Doughty said. “I want to win a Norris Trophy too, personally. I feel like I’ve had a year that has that opportunity to possibly do it. These 23 games are going to be very important for me with the team, and me individually.

“My main focus, though, is just winning 23 of 23, if that’s possible.”

One down, 22 to go. Jumping Off Point

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