feature: Smooth and Selke - LA Kings Insider

My weekly feature is now up, and I hope you’ll give it a read to learn about players’ impressions of Anze Kopitar after joining the Kings from the Eastern Conference and the characteristics that would make Kopitar an interesting Selke Trophy candidate.

Mike Richards: “I’ve played against Sid for a long time, and Malkin, and now I’m getting to play against Datsyuk a bit. I’d even throw Kopi into that top-four range. You watch people just try to defend him, and there’s literally nothing you can do when he just sticks his butt out and just protects the puck. There’s no way you can take it off him because he’s too strong and too smart with the puck. ‘Top-four’ in the league is something I’ve said before, and I really do believe that.” Smooth and Selke