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We’ve all heard the familiar “run-and-gun” references towards the Eastern Conference, and the “tight checking” allusions to the Western Conference. The contrasting styles of play have been well documented. But this season, teams in the west are 31-11-4 against the teams in the east through NHL action Tuesday night.

Why has there been such one-sided domination so early in the season? When did the balance of power begin shifting westward?


“It affects us because you either have to win games or fall behind the competition,” Regehr said. “You’ve got to demand the most out of yourself and your teammates all the time. There is no real easy team or easy game anymore. I think it’s a lot of fun to have three good teams now in California. It makes for great games, and not only the geographical rival of being close, but also the fact that you’re battling for very important points, whether it’s a division title or playoff seeding, or things like that. It’s very important.”

Could it have something to do with the need to compete with the Western Conference juggernauts in Detroit, Colorado and Dallas some 10-15 years ago? West is Best

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