Video: Black and White - Kopitar's Home (+ NHL Network, LA Kings Production vids) - LA Kings Insider

News and doings will follow, but before we get to some Johan Sodergran notes and multimedia from yesterday’s event at LA Kings Ice at Pickwick Gardens, here’s the latest episode of Black and White, which uses great images from Bled, Slovenia and archival video to depict Anze Kopitar’s own unique background in hockey. There’s great, inside footage like Anze and Gasper’s childhood room and Anze tying his kids’ skates before taking them on the ice. Good dad, Kop! Stick taps to Chris Wohlers and Ryan Todd for traveling to Slovenia and capturing terrific footage and Philip Radke for stitching it together.

“What I remember: go to kindergarten or pre-school, come home, throw on my skates and just go up-and-down, up-and-down. Whoever came to visit us that day had to play with me, and that was it.”
-Anze Kopitar

BONUS VIDEO. Courtesy NHL Network and LA Kings Production: