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In a hockey season nearly free of snow and Munters units, there were still some vaguely worthwhile things to point the iPhone at. Takeoffs and landings were vogue, as were hotel views from Vancouver and the occasional Dwight King smile. But some of the most interesting shots were of the focus and preparedness at ice level before a game, or the subtle images of teaching and communicating between a player and a coach during practice. Some of these photos were shared on the site or social media; several of them are Instagram screenshots and have been filtered. All were taken by me, other than the odd photo I appear in. My apologies that many of these photos are blurry and terrible, but hopefully there’s an interesting view of the 2016-17 season as chronologically viewed from ice level, the press box, and from 33,000 feet. PREVIOUSLY: 2014-15 photo archive | 2015-16 photo archive

Pre-training camp skate

Coyotes-Kings rookie games are fun and often testy and mark the resumption of travel and the in-season schedule.

Training camp

Black vs White intrasquad game

Good job by Kings and Reign fans turning out for an exhibition comprised heavily of younger players.

Every single split-squad opener I take the same dumb photo of Phoenix and post it to Instagram.

Descent into the beautiful Okanagan city of Kelowna for the Kraft Hockeyville pre-season game. Lifetime LAKI Gold Status for anyone who spots Ogopogo.

En route to Lumby, BC for a Kraft Hockeyville event featuring Tanner Pearson and Brayden McNabb and hosted by Gene Principe

Fun car ride back to Vernon with Bailey and representatives of the NHL and NHLPA. Leaving Lumby, we pulled over and exited the van to take a photo of the BADGER CROSSING sign, and a friendly trucker pulled over to the side of the road to make sure we weren’t hurt or in need of help.

I don’t remember the exact context, but Bailey did something to enrage a young Oilers fan, who summoned the courage to sprint over and yank some sign or pennant out of his hand.

San Jose on the first day of the NHL season

Brian Kilrea scored the first goal in Kings history.

Dallas, TX. Love the Uptown neighborhood surrounding our hotel.

Jeff Zatkoff is helped off the ice after injuring his groin at an October morning skate.

Mississippi River, October 28. We fly into a small airport just outside of East St. Louis. (“Is there any other St. Louis?” – Homer Simpson)

Big thanks to Mike Altieri, Hoover and FOX Sports West for the creation of Saturday Straight Up. Excellent preparation from Jesse and Josh. We all enjoyed being a part of this segment.

Was this the lone Munters view? A rough year, it was.

We’ve been fortunate and have largely avoided big snowstorms over the last three seasons or so. This one came in quickly and really picked up steam while we were en route to the Buffalo Airport. It was the heaviest snowfall we encountered on the road since getting hit by about eight or nine inches in Winnipeg in March, 2014.

A scene from the morning skate at Los Angeles’ last game at The Joe. I’ve attended or covered about a dozen Kings-Wings games in Detroit and saw L.A. emerge with wins twice – once in 1999-00, and then on this night.

As seen looking straight down while on the bench in Dallas

An excellent view of Yosemite Valley from the charter en route to Vancouver

Devin Setoguchi, prior to his 500th NHL game

Average Andy visited Toyota Sports Center in January. It did not go well for him.

There are exactly two highlights in any season: Dieter Ruehle playing Brass Bonanza when Carolina is in town, and the Barclays Center bus elevator.


I don’t remember what was being discussed here, but I do remember an entertaining conversation between Jim Fox and Mike Kalinowski (aka Krusher, Krush, Kid Krush, or if you’re Darryl, Kal) the Kings’ Director, Communications and Media Services

Nelson Emerson. Long live the Whale!


Justin Bieber penalty shot as Eric Lindros looks on

Highly recommended in Ft. Lauderdale

The LAX Research Triangle

Sat next to Jim Fox and called a game on FOX Sports West late in the season. What it meant to sit in that chair was not lost on me. Just an incredible honor and one I still kind of have a hard time wrapping my head around.

This popped up among the highlights from the 12-4 playoff win over Calgary in 1990. A salute to you, sign maker.

101 Freeway, San Fernando Valley

Pretty amazing photobomb here

Stick taps and applause to our wonderful Delta crews for carrying us to our destinations safely and with warmth.

Bob’s final home pre-game talent and crew meeting

One final exit from Staples Center

Bob’s final broadcast