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Say, did you hear the Kings are having fun again? Did you know they travel to every single game on the Super Happy Fun Slide? That second part may not be accurate, but there is a good, positive energy serving as an underpinning of the team’s 11-3-2 start. It’s part of what amounts to a best-case scenario following the transfer of the team’s reins to John Stevens and the introduction of assistant coaches Don Nachbaur, Dave Lowry and Pierre Turgeon. In the latest Black and White video, you get a sense of how the coaches share advice and direction on the bench. It’s interesting to see them discuss the availability of D-to-D passes, and Jake Muzzin score a goal immediately following such an exchange.

“John’s been very receptive and very open to everybody’s opinion, and a true leader doesn’t always have to take everybody’s ideas, but the value is that he listens and he does implement things that he believes in.”
-Dave Lowry

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