Good morning, San Jose - LA Kings Insider

Good morning, San Jose, and good morning, Insiders.

For those who may be new to the blog and unfamiliar with our devotion to MUNTOR, GAS ABSORPTION DEITY, the Good Morning articles are posted the first morning we spend in road cities and are universally free of rational hockey analysis and debate. They grew out of Rich Hammond snapping photographs from hotel windows – this remains highly influential – and usually contain references to local people or attractions, or recollections of previous visits to the city. Especially in San Jose (and St. Louis, and Chicago, and Glendale, etc.), you can play the HAVE I STAYED IN THIS EXACT ROOM game. It is not a very fun game.

Two years ago I attempted the Highlighted Local Artist as part of the Good Morning posts, but that became tiresome when visiting Winnipeg and Calgary a combined five times. I was also planning to show some of my favorite clips from Silicon Valley for today’s post – it’s the funniest show on television – but there weren’t any highlights free of profanity or “adult situations” that I felt comfortable embedding. But you should know that the actor Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard Hendricks on the show, is a British Columbia-born Kings fan, and that should earn him favorable LAKI points.

@adamscarpenters makes hilarious Instagram vids. Watch ours. #GoKingsGo

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I, TOO, HAVE MADE MY OWN VIDEOS! In keeping with tradition, here is our descent into and landing at SJC yesterday afternoon.

The Kings will take the ice at the SAP Center at 11:30 this morning, and LA Kings Insider game day coverage will continue before then with the Quick Hits series. There’s a lot more to discuss in advance of tonight’s game, which will be only the second time the Kings have played a meaningful game at the Shark Tank since the 2014 playoff series. Stay tuned…