On FSW, Regehr discusses prank, post-hockey ventures - LA Kings Insider

In addition to a Milan Lucic interview, footage from the Monarchs’ Calder Cup championship and Alex Curry and Sean O’Donnell’s off-season analysis, last night’s Kings Live summer special on FOX Sports West also contained a special Coffee with Bob interview between the Kings’ Hall of Fame television broadcaster and newly retired defenseman Robyn Regehr.

Though the segment lasted roughly six minutes, additional (and highly recommended) video was uploaded to FOXSportsWest.com earlier today and is embedded below. Interestingly – and corroborating much of what those close to the team had heard over the past year – Regehr’s wife, Kristina, acknowledged during an August, 2014 interview that the 2014-15 season would be Robyn’s final season in the National Hockey League. Portions of that interview book-ended last night’s Coffee with Bob segment, though they’re not a part of the video below.

What did we learn from the video? Regehr once sewed Darryl Sutters track pants pockets together as part of a prank. He’ll also be leaving hockey to move back to Calgary and work for Blueline Oilfield Rentals, a company he co-founded. On the Blueline Oilfield Rentals website, there’s a bio for Regehr.

Said Regehr in the video provided by FOXSportsWest.com: “We’re going to live in Calgary for probably the large part of the year and go back to the lake in Saskatchewan in the summer months as much as we can, but I started a frew things prior to being done in the league. I started a company with a friend of mine. It’s called Blueline Oilfield Rentals, and we’re based out of Calgary. We’ve been working on that since 2007, so it’s been really enjoyable. Also, I own some farmland, and a little bit of a quick story, the farmer that I used to work for and I grew up working for as a kid, he now rents the farmland from me. We have a very good relationship, and I still enjoy going out and working with him and doing whatever he wants me to do, whether it’s drive a truck for him or a combine, or whatever he needs to be done. So I’m actually looking forward to in the fall when normally I’d be coming back and getting into training camp, just to sit out there and be a part of harvest and help work with him. I did it a couple years. During the lockouts, I actually went there in the fall and helped out, and it’s a fantastic time to be around the prairie provinces. The harvest time, everyone’s in a good mood, everyone’s taking the crops in, and there’s a very special relationship between the people and the land, and it’s fun to be a part of that.”

Bob Miller responded, “Well, no wonder Darryl Sutter likes you.” For a few more laughs, Regehr recalls his prank on Sutter four minutes into the second video. There are also interesting conversations about Regehr’s noted ability to get a good feel for a room and when to step in and offer his voice.