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There’s no time for sightseeing on this quick Boston stop, as the Kings, who landed at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, will face the Bruins at 7:00 tonight before moving on to our nation’s capital, where they’ll remain through Tuesday. This five-city, 11-day trip is the longest trip navigated by the club since a six-city, 11-day trip from February 3-12, 2012. Related: Does anyone watch The Grammys?

It’s a cold, cold, cold morning in Boston, where it’s 12 degrees outside and expected to rise to 18 with heavy winds throughout the day. It’s probably a good thing that last year’s Super Bowl was held in a cold weather East Coast climate and not this year’s, because temperatures have plummeted for the better part of the week. Though Western Massachusetts received the heaviest snowfall earlier this week, there’s still plenty of snow on the ground in Boston, as you’ll see in today’s landing video. But first, the descent!

Descent into Boston

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We’ve been using widebody jets on our cross-country trips this year, so it wasn’t a big deal to shoot the descent from over the wing, walk 20 rows back, across a center row of seats, and record the landing from the left side of the aircraft. When we began taxiing, I returned to my aisle above the wing. Take that, FAA!

It’s a game day, and it’s time to start preparing for these clubs’ morning skates. You know the drill: opposing team audio, morning skate notes, Darryl Sutter quotes, stories and previews will take us up to the drop of the puck of the first game of an important five-game road trip against a collection of quality Eastern Conference squads. Stay tuned, Insiders – there’s a lot more coverage headed your way.