Scott Burnside

There is something impossibly sad about a National Hockey League locker room after a team has lost a playoff series. Maybe it’s the quiet. Like walking into a funeral home. As there is in every room after every playoff loss, there was a pall in the Los

There have been a lot of firsts crammed into a short period of time for LA Kings rookie forward Alex Laferriere. There was his first NHL season of course, all 81 games worth. His first NHL playoff game. His first NHL playoff point. There was the first time his

It’s in these moments, teetering on the brink, that your team’s DNA is revealed. As the Los Angeles Kings head off to Edmonton for Game 5, trailing 3-1 in the series and needing a win to prolong the season, it’s no secret to whom every single

If the Los Angeles Kings played Game 4 100 times, played that exact same game with the same effort, same mindset, same urgency, how many times would they come away with a win? Ninety? More? Maybe such an exercise is a mug’s game. Because on a night when