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The last regular season game brings the last regular season episode of KOTP! The guys discuss:Eastern Conference SC Playoffs matchupsThe usage of Carl Grundstrom. Akil Thomas and Alex Turcotte for the post-seasonThe annual LAK media awards A farewell to Jeff Carter You can find us on X/Twitter at

As the final four games of the LAK regular season approaches, prospect Ryan Conmy joins the Mayor for a 1-on-1.Some nights they're Kings, others Kongs. DB and The Mayor discuss LAK's inconsistent play down the stretch. Also:Speculation about the Arizona Coyotes potentially relocating to Utah, but

Bullet points for Episode 186:The LA Kings have been inconsistent in their recent games, showing both strong performances and disappointing losses.The team has struggled to hold leads, which has cost them valuable points in close games.Improvement in five-on-five play is crucial for the team's success,

In this Episode 185,  with DB in Canada the guys discuss the recent games of the LA Kings and the impressive performances of certain players. They talk about the physicality of the games and the importance of winning against tough opponents. The conversation touches on