April 8, 2020 | Day 27 | Athletic Performance Gear/Free Stuff Power Rankings - LA Kings Insider

INSIDERS. I hope you’re all hanging in. Haven’t been lingering in these parts for more than a few minutes lately, what with all the news a-happenin’ and the children a-quarrelin’, but I trust you and your family are doing as best you can. My family’s condolences, love and light to anybody who has lost a loved one or who who has unduly been affected by this virus.

I’m also in great appreciation (not to irk Larry David) and awe of those around the Kings family, as well. First, the care and detail that went into the Earth 2 games streamed by Bailey that began with visits by Tyler Toffoli in the commenting and ended with actual pre and post-game shows with Mikey Anderson and Wil Wheaton as special guests. I mean, Jesse Cohen was sending us simulated game notes to help with our hits. Can’t even begin to emphasize how there will be a ton of people raring to go and provide content once we return, whenever the appropriate time comes. And play hockey too, of course.

Also – stick taps to Jeff Moeller of LA Kings PR for helping coordinate the Jack Bowkus piece and speaking with both Helen Alex and Nick Vachon. I added his name to the bottom of the story as he should deserve some byline. Though I do own a Northwestern Medill hat I never went to journalism school, so I don’t know the minutiae of how that should be handled, but, anyway, thanks a ton to Jeff for facilitating the story. My family’s warmest condolences extend to Jack’s family, friends, colleagues and former players.

Not much is new at the Rosen household today. We haven’t built a fort in 36 hours, which is a household record for March and Aprul. We have been teaching Raquel about geography and the United States and bought her a globe, a kids atlas and a picture book. There was also a U.S. map board in which you’re supposed to add each state’s sticker to the board after you visit it, but it didn’t quite work that way. (“No, Raquel, you can only have one sticker every 16 months or so!”) She loves the Golden Gate Bridge and Hollywood Sign on the California sticker but has taken a curious taste for the Gateway Arch on the Missouri sticker, so for the last few nights I’ve been reading her the facts of Missouri from the kids atlas – “White-tailed deer live throughout Missouri, but are most abundant in hills along the Missouri River” – and showing her pictures of the arch on my phone. I hope she does not get offended that St. Louis will not be our first vacation destination when quarantine orders are lifted. Also: Looking forward to when vacations are a thing again.

So, can’t say there’s a ton going on over here. Stay home and stay safe, and be like all the Angelenos hidden in this photo taken above one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the country. And obviously, let’s also think of the others who are also obviously hidden, as well. May all those without homes or might not have the means to entrench themselves somewhere healthy, or warm, or somewhere that might put their mental health at risk find help and be safe. We’re all getting through this together.

If you’re like us and looking for activities without resorting to tweeting very productively about PAW Patrol’s plot holes – why don’t they just arrest and prosecute Mayor Humdinger? What is the point of the PAW Patrol if there is no PAW Justice? – may we suggest the LA Kings Care’s new learn-at-home initiatives? More information on downloads to keep the kids busy and encourage reading is available here; you can also dive in right here.

And, if you’re like me, you take performance athletic wear very seriously. This is the attire that we read Adidas press releases about and do very much help athletes’ aerodynamic margins but probably aren’t getting any bloggers/broadcasters that upper hand in their Sunday night rec league games. We get so much of this free gear. New bags hot off the annually refreshed performance line. Oh, all the bags. Even before I worked with the Kings, so, so many bags. Thanks to Darren Granger, Dana Bryson, Domi DiDia and James Stucky for all of our outstanding product and my entire wardrobe during during the shelter-at-home order.

It’s time to honor some of this athletic wear. Here are their power rankings, with the stipulation that it had to be provided free by a team and worn at some point during the quarantine.

6. 2007-08 Everett Silvertips track pants. Memories come, thoughts linger and fade, but these forest green beauties haven’t as much as lost a stitch. They also loudly pronounce your presence in any room. And we’re in lots of rooms these days!

5. Not many others have an authentic 2017 China Games windbreaker. Looks flimsy but keeps you comfortable and dry over a sport coat. Useful in Vancouver. Does not come with Jake Muzzin’s Custom-Made Horse Piece.

4. Rink Jacket. The Jarret Stoll of rink jackets. Dependable. Useful in all situations. Can be worn comfortably with slacks over a dress shirt and also with sweatpants on a trek around the neighborhood. If it is not on my body, or draped over a chair at TSPC, it does not leave my car between early fall and mid-spring.

3. Silvertips thermal. Worn on many a late-night bus ride. Keeps you warm when traveling through Hoth or Alberta.

2. For those who find pants to be confining, these delicately stitched 2020 Stadium Series threads offer the sensation of floating through wispy cirrus clouds upon a lazy springtime breeze. I have worn these pants for 94% of all minutes under quarantine.

1. Our attire for FOX Sports West’s 2012 championship parade coverage. Was this even a shirt that could be bought publicly? Most of the other gear is available if you take a quick peek around.

Didn’t make the cut: Air Force/LAK basketball shorts (not warm enough yet), 2015 Stadium Series jacket (’tis a fine ski jacket, but ’tis not time for mountaineering), 2020 Stadium Series truckers cap (gotta say, I’ve enjoyed the aviation logo much more than I thought I would).

Thank you, Insiders, for your $10,000 annual subscription.

(Stay safe, talk soon.)