October 30 (not quite) Rapid Reacion: Canucks 5, Kings 2 - LA Kings Insider

Todd McLellan on changing lines after this game
Yes and no. The first unit on the power play other than the last one where you get a little bit frustrated, I thought it was dangerous, the second unit did absolutely nothing, in my opinion, on the power play tonight so we’ll have to look at it there and we’ll have to do a deep look at who’s getting scored on and why they’re getting scored on.

Anze Kopitar on the penalty kill tonight
“First of all, I think taking penalties, a lot of them, that’s just flat out unacceptable really. We have got to be more disciplined than that, obviously, it’s the personnel that they have on the power play they’re going to cash in and obviously they did it tonight.”

On improving the penalty kill
I mean we can’t forget that, we are only 12 or 13 games in but losing is not fun so we have to correct that, obviously it starts with, like I said, not taking unnecessary penalties or stupid penalties, whatever you want to call it, and make sure that when we do take them our penalty kill is up to par.”