Good Morning, Pittsburgh - LA Kings Insider

Good Morning Pittsburgh and Good Morning Insiders!

The Kings flew into the Steel City late last night, or early this morning, depending on how you look at it and will be back on the ice for practice later today.

Pittsburgh marks the final of four stops on this week-long trip and the third of four cities and arenas that I am visiting for the first time. While not a fan of any Pittsburgh sports teams, I found myself owning a substantial amount of Pittsburgh sports memorabilia growing up. My dad traveled pretty frequently to Pittsburgh for work and I have been the owner of a few different terrible towels, amongst other items, in my day.

One story from his business travel that I;ll always remember was when I was in my freshman year of high school. My dad always made sure to bring us back a small souvenir from his travels and this trip’s item was Penguins puck. But there was something a little bit different about this puck. When he was getting some for at the airport in Pittsburgh prior to his flight, my dad overheard some of the workers talking about a particular individual that happened to be at the airport.

So my dad found him, sitting by himself eating his dinner, and asked him to sign the puck for his son – the person was Sidney Crosby, coming off of his rookie season. My dad told me that Sidney wasn’t a huge guy but he was “broad” in the shoulders and that he was extremely nice and respectful in signing the puck. A story that had the boys crowded around me in the locker room at the next hockey practice for sure and a gesture that I will always remember when thinking about Pittsburgh and the Penguins.

Lots more to come today, Insiders – Waking Up With The Kings is next, stay tuned!