Photos: Kings, Blue Shield of California, Enrich LA build YMCA garden - LA Kings Insider

To kick off the week, LA Kings staff and alumni teamed with Blue Shield of California to build an educational garden at the East Valley Family YMCA in North Hollywood on Monday. In only two and a half hours, under the direction of Tomas O’Grady and Matt Heidler of non-profit Enrich LA, volunteers cut wood to construct garden beds and benches, laid soil and manure and installed and drip irrigation systems to produce an “edible garden” that helps educate children about healthy eating while promoting community-based health and environmental cooperation. It was the fifth garden the Kings have teamed to build this year and fourth at a Los Angeles-area YMCA. ‘

These builds take place through the G.O.A.L.S. partnership between the LA Kings and Blue Shield of California and promote character building, wellness activities, green solutions and healthy lifestyles through grassroots participation in Los Angeles neighborhoods.