Game 2 vs. San Diego postgame quotes: Gulls - LA Kings Insider

Dallas Eakins, on his team’s response after losing Game 1:
Yeah, you know what, I loved the way our guys responded. And it started last night after the game. I was reading some of the media clips, I loved how our guys were supporting each other and I think that rolled right into today. We were very calm and we knew what our task was and we were able to get it done.

Eakins, on keeping the Reign’s shots to the outside of the slot:
Yeah I thought we had a great start and I thought we dominated early and like always, Ontario is always going to push back. There wasn’t much room out on that ice tonight for either team and I’ve said it numerous times, it’s like we’re playing our twin brothers out there. They’re such a good, good team and obviously we think highly of our team so I don’t expect this to get any different moving forward. I’m real surprised that we haven’t been in two overtime games yet.

Eakins, on Sorensen’s performance:
Well we liked the two goals. He was really skating and you know what, with Tropp being out, he gets an opportunity to move up in the lineup and responded greatly. He was excellent for us.

Eakins, on the six day break between games:
Well, you know what, it’s the same for both teams. So we’re going to go about our routine just like we did last week and we thought it was a good one. Give our guys some rest and prepare again for another hard fought battle.

Jhonas Enroth, on splitting the series:
Feels good. I think it was a big game for us. We definitely didn’t want to go down two-nothing so it was a big win for us I think.

Enroth, on staying “calm and composed” while Ontario makes a late-game rush:
It’s nothing new. I think pretty much every team these days tries to do the same thing and it’s a part of my job these days I guess, to try to keep my calm and stay focused.

Enroth, on the six day break between games:
I think we have a good coaching staff. They’re going to manage our days off or day off and all that stuff pretty well for us. So pretty much just going to leave it up to them and try to think about other things than hockey away from the rink.

Enroth, on whether he expects home ice advantage to effect the remaining three games:
Yeah. I think so. We are pretty confident at home and we worked hard to get that home advantage so we’re looking forward to play at home on Friday.

Enroth, on whether he noticed any difference in Ontario’s game:
I think the games are pretty similar. Both games were pretty even and not a lot of scoring chances either way so I think both games were pretty similar.