February 23 postgame quotes: Boston - LA Kings Insider

Bruce Cassidy, on shutting the Kings down in the third period:
We needed to play the third period what the Bruins are known for over the years. Tight defensive layers, we managed the puck well, we even got some chances on our own to extend the lead. Eventually did it with the net empty but you’re right, the second period it got away from us at times through the neutral zone predominantly so we addressed that and it’s a good hockey team we’re playing. They’ve got some good offensive players, they got D that join so we needed some better sticks and clog the lanes a little better without being robotic, necessarily, but just being in our position and taking better angles.

Cassidy, on a “big character win”:
Yes, it’s back-to-back games even though we just had our break so we’re fairly refreshed. It’s not easy to do in this league, play big heavy teams back-to-back and this is a good hockey club. And the way we won the game, I don’t think we lucked out. We got a couple of breaks with the crossbar. We also had a goal called back so I don’t think there was anything where we’ll look back and wipe our brow and say we got away with, either. We did what we had to do, we played a solid game, so yes, to answer your question, absolutely. And San Jose was a tough won and yesterday I thought we could’ve won there as well so to come out West and play three very good hockey clubs and come out with two wins, that bodes well for our team.

Cassidy, on Khudobin’s performance:
Yeah I thought he was very good against Vancouver. That was a wide open game but tonight in this atmosphere, he seems to be finding his game. That’s two in a row he’s given us a chance to win. That’s what you want out of your goaltending and listen, we’re like every other team, we need it. We need good goaltending to prosper and we got it tonight. [Reporter: Especially in the second period he seemed to play well.] Yeah we had our share of breakdowns, there’s no doubt, and he was there for us. But again, that’s what you want and he responded very well and it’s good for his confidence. He’s worked hard to find his game and looks like, you know knock on wood, that we’re turning the corner there.

Cassidy, on being able to rest Rask:
Yeah, I mean, that’s been well documented, that we don’t want to overuse our number one. So he got his night off tonight and we’ll go forward with Took on Sunday and hopefully he’ll be, even the mental part of it, it’s not only the physical part this time of year. Just to know you don’t have to play and go in and relax so it’s always good. It’s always good when your backup wins.

Cassidy, on getting two wins against the three California teams:
Well, like I said, these are three tough buildings to win in and I know over the years the Bruins have had their struggles so I think, not only the four points just mentally speaking, you know you can play against good, solid, big teams it helps you. For me personally, I played for Darryl Sutter for two and a half years. I have the utmost respect for him. He’s one of the best coaches I ever played for so it was nice to go head-to-head, our club agains this tonight, too.

Brad Marchand, on beating the Kings at home:
Yeah they had a good push and Dobie made a bunch of really big saves for us and kept us in it. You know, they’re a tough team. They forecheck really hard and don’t give you a lot of time in your zone so that was a huge win for us. Great bounce back game and great way to go in to the break.

Marchand, on shutting down the Kings in the third period:
Yeah, you know, that’s what we have to do. We still had a few opportunities in the third and especially on a back-to-back, you know, it’s great to see so it’s a good game.

Marchand, on why the Bruins were able to sustain high energy in back-to-back nights:
I think guys just focused. You know, well tuned specimens I guess. But right now it just seems like everyone’s focused and we knew had to have a big bounce back game and guys were determined tonight.

Marchand, on the way the Bruins held on to a narrow lead:
It was, yeah. We played well. We really tried to make sure we had numbers coming back and did a good job of getting pucks in to the zone. They did have a couple of good opportunities in there but Dobie, again, was very strong tonight.

Marchand, on going up against the three California teams on one road trip:
It’s huge. I think this trip is a really good indication of how you match up against certain teams. They’re very strong teams [inaudible] and they play very tough D so it was great to see that we’ve been doing well so far and we have another big game coming up Sunday.

Marchand, on his goal in the first period:
Yeah I was looking at Bergeron to pass but that D was kind of taking him away. He had his stick in the lane and I was pretty tired at that point so I didn’t want to force it and get caught so luckily I shot it and it went in.

David Pastrnak, on whether he should “shoot with a broken stick more often”:
Oh, yeah. Lucky bounce, you know, great pass. Fortunate goal. [Reporter: Do you think it helped that it went in off speed?] Yeah I probably would’ve missed the net. If I didn’t break it. It was a good bounce and sometimes it helps you and sometimes it doesn’t go your way.

Pastrnak, on a road win against a team that’s desperate for points:
Yeah definitely. We needed those points really bad and I’m happy that we played a strong game and Dobie was great for us so it was huge points for us.

Pastrnak, on winning the second game of a back-to-back:
Yeah that’s a good thing about back-to-backs. It was a game and then you have a chance to bounce right back the next day and that’s what we were focusing on and I was very happy that we were able to bounce back.

Anton Khudobin, on a strong second period by LA followed by a shutdown period for the Bruins:
Yep. That’s perfect. I got tired in the second and then they picked it up and I didn’t have any shots, perfect. And then we got the win.

Khudobin, on the defense maintaining a narrow lead:
It’s always like that and one goal games are tough. Especially in the third period they started playing really well in the neutral zone so coach told us to play really good in the neutral zone and we didn’t have any problems with that and they took care of that job, I had a couple shots from the point and the defenseman blocked a couple shots… perfect. [Reporter: So you’re saying it was a pretty easy night for you.] No I’m not saying it was an easy night. I never say that. But they make my life in the third period really easy and I had a couple good chances in the second but we picked it up in the third.

Khudobin, on whether he’s gaining confidence:
I mean, look, I had another opportunity to play today so it’s always great, as I always say, it’s always great when you’re winning. And it always sucks when you’re losing, so no matter you play, good or bad, you always want to win. That’s the final result. But confidence is good and I still need to work hard and keep going because we still need wins.