December 22 postgame quotes: Budaj, King - LA Kings Insider

Peter Budaj, on what the Kings did well to help him get the shutout:
Well I definitely think this is a tough building, I think it’s a hard game to play in. This is a building where the home team is building off the momentum from the building and I think the guys did a great job. Especially on the PK, our PK was very strong. We blocked a lot of shots, we had a good stick so they couldn’t make any criss-cross passes so we kind of eliminate those one-timers which Nashville is known for so guys did a great job in front of me and you know, thank God I was able to see the puck and make some saves so everything worked good tonight.

Budaj, on his view of Arvidsson’s shorthanded breakaway:
You know, he’s getting pretty hard, he’s a pretty fast player and he was going and he was just stick-handling it and our defenseman, I don’t know who it was, was kind of chasing him down so I kind of thought I could be more aggressive because, you know, I thought our guy’s gonna get him if he would cut across so I tried to play more aggressive and I was able to make the save. Breakaway’s, always, you just want to get out there and battle hard and not think and just focus on trying to react to the puck and I was able to make the save so it’s a big save.

Budaj, on whether the Kings “fed off” his saves in the 1st and 2nd period before breaking out in the 3rd:
You know I felt good tonight, thank God. I was seeing the puck well and as I mentioned before, the guys were doing great job blocking shots. I think on the powerplay a few times, I think Johansen had a chance and a couple one-timers there that were blocked by our players so they did a hell of a job blocking shots. It always helps because I think Nashville is known for getting shots from the point and then try to jam the net and try to get second or third opportunities so we eliminate that so the guys played really well in front of me so that helps.

Budaj, on getting the chance to play every night with Jonathan Quick out long-term:
It’s almost unbelievable. I think when you look at two years ago where I was, I didn’t have a job, I was coming off one of the worst years I ever had, I didn’t have a win in St. John’s and then last year I got a PTO and then last year was, arguably, so far, my best year in my career. I played really well down in the minors and right now I’m here. I’m just very thankful to god to be here and that I’m healthy, that I’m able to play and I’m just excited to enjoy every single moment. It’s a great opportunity for me. Obviously you don’t want to go in the net when somebody’s hurt, it’s unfortunate but, on the other hand, it’s an opportunity for me to show everybody that I can still do this and that I want to battle and I love the game and I can still do this so I’m very thankful to God for everything and it’s just a great time and I’m just enjoying every moment and hopefully I’ll be playing well of enough to help the team win our games.

Dwight King, on the Kings’ play since the loss to the Buffalo Sabres:
I think just, obviously, staying with, we’re a systematic team. When we’re successful we’re a good checking team and I think we just had a second period lapse there where we gave up 4 goals in a period and that’s kind of a wake-up call I guess, to some degree. And then I guess our structure’s done pretty well since then.

King, on what’s stuck out in the eight games the Kings’ haven’t allowed a power play goal:
I think great detail and then when we get a little unfortunate with position we have a lot of good shot-blockers now which is key for that, and Buds making big saves.

King, on what the team’s mindset is going in to a 3rd period up 1-0:
I don’t think too much changes. Like you said, you still try to push, you don’t want to sit back and then we’re fortunate enough that once we got one we kind of got rolling which is nice to see.

King, on his thoughts before going in to Dallas, the last game of this road trip:
Same thing. We’re fighting for I think a wildcard spot at the moment. So another team that’s either behind us or right in front of us, so it’ll be a good test.