November 30 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On a player referencing too many odd-man rushes against:
Well, they scored two goals in the first period on odd-man rushes. It’s a pretty easy statement to make for me. [Reporter: Did you feel like you guys did a lot of good things tonight?] I think we missed the net lots in the first period. We missed the net and turned pucks over.

On whether the slow start was because the team “hadn’t been on the ice” since Saturday:
We haven’t played since Saturday. We’ve been on the ice. [Reporter: Do you feel like they weren’t on their details and their focus as much in he first period? Did it take them a litte longer to get starter?] I don’t think against a team like that that you should take long to get started when you’re a big underdog. You’ve got to be better than that.

On Marian Gaborik’s performance:
I thought in the first period he had a couple of really good opportunities. I think he went wide once. Did he hit the bar or post? He was noticeable with the puck, which is what you want him to do, right?

On the loss:
Both teams check really close, and you know what? If you look at it, what’d the shots end up, 20 to 20 or something? Both teams give up the fewest in the league, so generally if you give up the first goal you’re going to chase it a little bit because the other team’s going to check really well, and we weren’t as prepared to do that as we should’ve been tonight.

On energy on the team and in the building:
There should’ve been lots of energy. [Reporter: Yeah, it sounded a little lower to me today.] We expect the crowd to have lots of energy and we were well rested and we expect us to have lots of energy.