March 31 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Hunter Shinkaruk’s performance in Anaheim and Calgary’s evolving line formations:
I’m not really looking at it like that. We have more guys in our lineup from the last time we played ‘em than they do. I know Hunter’s dad well from being in Calgary, so that’s my connection. [Reporter: Only happy guy in the room last night.] Well, they’re coming off a big win in Arizona and probably took the foot off the pedal a little bit in Anaheim.

On what has to come together for Nic Dowd’s game to solidify:
Show some leadership and direction. He’s the oldest player on that line. Don’t get too melodramatic about it. First off, he’s going to have to be a better competitor playing in the NHL. He’s got the skill set, but he’s got to be a great competitor first. [Reporter: Does it change anything when a player is 25 years old, making their debut under you?] No. Why not? It’s his second year. He went through a four-year school and he’s a smart guy and he’s well educated like you are with those things, so it’s nothing more than that. He’s getting a great opportunity. It’s a great opportunity. He’s going through the same thing, two or three years older, that Shore, Andreoff, McNabb – just go right down the line. Take advantage of a great opportunity.

On Joni Ortio:
He’s a six or seven-year pro now. With all the technology we have, we’re pretty familiar with the players. Isn’t he a six or seven-year pro? He’s a veteran.