September 29 postgame quotes: Enroth, Clifford - LA Kings Insider

Jhonas Enroth, on whether he got a feel of the reads and angles at Staples Center:
Yeah, I think so. I mean, I’ve been playing here a couple of times, I think I’ve played every time in this rink every time we’ve been here in the last three years. It’s a little bit different, it’s a little bit darker in here, but I better get used to it now, and I felt pretty good tonight.

Enroth, on whether a good workload and 60 minutes got him ready for the season:
I think so. Like you said, it was a good amount of shots, there were a couple of good chances at both ends, both goalies made a couple of good saves, it was definitely a nice game for a goalie.

Enroth, on how he’s been getting comfortable playing with this group:
I’ve been here two to three weeks now, and you can tell why these guys have been so successful the last couple of years, they’re true champions, all of them, and it’s a definite step up from what I’ve been used to the last couple of years I think and I’m excited to be here.

Kyle Clifford, on whether there was a raised emotional and battle level that represented a step towards regular season hockey:
Yeah, I don’t think we got off to the best start, and after the second period, Looch got a big fight for us, so that was huge, it kind of got the emotional standpoint going, and from there on, I thought we did a better job.

Clifford, on his goal:
I just saw Andy skating up the ice, and give him credit, that goal was all him, he made the good play, and I just went to the net.

Clifford, on whether he was surprised no instigator penalty was called on Kevin Bieksa:
That’s for the ref to decide, but it is what it is, that’s hockey, you hope you can get a little more respect, but sometimes that what it is.

Clifford, on how to get ready for one game over the next week before the season begins:
We’ve got three days here to get ready for the game in Vegas, that’s our final point to be ready for the season. We want the whole team to be on point and going for San Jose, we want to come out with a bang, so that’s going to start tomorrow at practice.