September 27 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether there were lots of individual performances that he liked:
Yeah. We worked hard. I thought system-wise we were good. Work-wise we were good. Got a little short on the bench, short on ammo, and we worked our way through it.

On what Michael Mersch has done well to use his size and strength:
He has a good feel for the game and he came in good condition and he complements the other left wingers.

On what he has liked about Dustin Brown’s game:
Brownie’s been playing – he’s had a lot of opportunities every game he’s played. He’s got some energy in his game and we’re just trying to find linemates for him at this point.

On the severity of Jake Muzzin’s injury:
It’s a new year, it’s not new rules. It’s the same rule.

On what he has learned about three-on-three overtime:
You know, we’ve got good rules in place – fundamentals that we think that should work – and for the most part, it worked, and tonight, when Colorado had good chances, we got away from it a little bit. The American League has done it three-on-three, and it’s exactly what I said. You raise the bar, more skill. You can’t get caught tired, you’ve gotta watch your changes, you’ve gotta hang on to pucks, you’ve got to be prepared to take pucks back, do things like that. That stretch play and everybody says there’s lots of ice out there, but that stretch play and all that is not going to work. It might work on a turnover after a great save, and if you look at it, both goalies made great saves.