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My fellow Insiders, our long national nightmare is over. I’m back from vacation (until next Thursday), and regular stories and reports will pick up once again on LAKI this week. I’m in the process of getting as much information on key actors as possible (see: Ehrhoff, Kopitar, Voynov, Richards, etc), and should be able to share reports and updates later this week on the events we’ve all been following. It’s still August, so outside of those names, don’t expect any immediate accelerato in the stream of Kings news.

Similar to previous Augusts, this month is great for getting organized and well-prepared for the months to follow (and for dentist’s appointments!). I’m also looking forward to sharing some great site news in the next month that should enhance the way you consume information on LAKI. We’ll be hiring a second writer for the site – an official job description-type-blurb should be up later this week on Teamwork Online – who will provide near-daily Ontario Reign coverage. If you’re interested in applying for the position, have at least two years of writing/reporting experience and will be able to easily commute to the Inland Empire (amongst other qualifications), feel free to shoot a resume over to jonnyrosen-at-gmail-dot-com. It’s too early to determine whether we’ll post Reign coverage directly on the front page of the site, or whether we’ll create a “Page 2” accessed via a tab on the top of the site – what would YOU prefer? – but the general timeline is that the new writer will hit the ground running at some point in the preseason.

LAKI and those in the Kings’ digital department will also be taking part in a conference call with our technical team in the near future. If you have any suggestions towards how the site operates, feel free to leave your recommendations in the commenting section or shoot me an email.

A few links to stories that were of note while LAKI was on vacation:

MLB, Slava Voynov case can help NHL set domestic violence policy standard (

“As a reminder, we made our initial disciplinary decision to suspend [Voynov] the same day we became aware of the incident and arrest,” [Bill Daly] said.

That’s true, and that swift and decisive action is something for which the league earned universal praise. But with Voynov on the verge of paying off his debt to society, the moment has long passed to come to a final resolution in a timely fashion. He deserves to know whether he will be given the privilege to return to the NHL. And if he’s given that, the Kings deserve the chance to make their own decision regarding his future employment by the organization.

This is virgin territory for the league, and taking careful, considered steps is understandable. But nearly a year on, it’s time to set a standard.

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