Voynov pretrial: Judge Taylor rules on admissible testimony - LA Kings Insider

As learned via reports, Judge Eric C. Taylor ruled today that Redondo Beach police officer Gregory Wiist and Little Company of Mary Medical Center security guard Ronnie Liston and nurse Lily Juantuah could testify in the trial for Slava Voynov’s felony count of spousal abuse. Social worker Justin Weber’s testimony was ruled inadmissible by Taylor.

Via Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register:

Friday’s admission of testimony by three witnesses (and possibly a fourth) is considered a major victory for the prosecution. Taylor also ruled as admissible statements made by [Maria] Varlamova about alleged previous incidents. Defense attorneys argued that the statements were vague and didn’t truly indicate domestic violence.

This week, Juantuah testified Varlamova said the cut on her head came after “I hit TV.” Liston testified that Varlamova “looked me in the eye” and said Voynov hit her.

On Friday, Deputy District Attorney Frank Dunnick played audio of Varlamova’s talk with Wiist. Varlamova said, “He hit me,” and described Voynov as “very aggressive every time.” Varlamova described for Wiist the couple’s Redondo Beach home, the site of the alleged attack, which included ”my blood, all over the place.’’

Via Hammond, Varlamova will appear in court on May 27 to announce to the judge whether she will be willing to testify. She has not been willing to testify to this point, though earlier this week her attorney Michael Walsh told Judge Taylor that she would be willing to accept domestic violence therapy to determine whether she would be willing to do so.

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