February 26 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On Andrej Sekera:
He’s a good all-around player, a mobile guy, a smart guy. He’s familiar with some of our players. [Reporter: Did he get in this morning or last night?] He flew this morning, yeah. [Reporter: How do you go about integrating him into the lineup here?] He has to pass a medical before he is an official King. So how long that takes, I really don’t know.

On what he likes about Sekera:
I think he’s very mobile, he moves the puck well. He’s played a little bit both sides. He’s familiar with some of our players. You know his character. It’s a good addition.

On whether Sekera is comfortable on the right side:
I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him. [Reporter: I just know you guys have a lot of left shots, right?] That’s the way it is.

On how he works with hockey operations when evaluating a player for a possible trade:
There really wasn’t much of that this time. We were, as coaches, thankful to get the player, but didn’t want to see anybody go out, and with the salary cap the way it is, I know there are you who like thinking how many trades the team is going to make. I was surprised that we made one. So in terms of the video, I don’t have to watch the video on a type of player like that. I know how good a player he is.

On players joining the Kings describing the ease of acclimating themselves:
Well, I think first off, when a player comes in here, it’s a little bit different than probably it was in the past where the team’s used to doing well. I mean, you’re expected to maximize your potential, so most players like to do that and they like to do it in an environment where everybody’s maximizing their potential. He’s coming to a hockey club that’s had some success, and he’s coming from two clubs that haven’t had any. That’s always a better situation, for sure. What helps, obviously, with the acclimation is that obviously he knows Gaborik and he knows Regehr, and he probably knows some other guys. I mean, he played junior here. I’m sure he’s familiar with some players. Junior in Canada.

On the Ottawa Senators team that is “banged up” but still has lots of skill:
They’re not really banged up. They’re a very good hockey club.