Audio: Helene Elliott on covering the Miracle on Ice - LA Kings Insider

Los Angeles Times columnist and 2005 Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award recipient Helene Elliott was a part of a very select and fortunate group. As one of the “8,000-plus” who packed the Olympic Fieldhouse in Lake Placid, New York 35 years ago today, she reported on the greatest triumph in American sports history and, by virtue of the outside-of-hockey implications in a game between the United States and the Soviet Union, among the most profound sporting events in world history. Her game story, for Newsday, can be found here.

Prior to yesterday’s Stadium Series game, I spoke with Elliott about covering the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, and her recollections are captivating. Enjoy the anniversary of the medal round game – as well as her notes and photographs from a historic time in American sports culture.


Team USA celebrates "the Miracle on Ice"