June 9 morning skate quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether he’s ever coached a team that has won three straight playoff overtime games:
I haven’t really thought about that. You’ve got to win games in overtime. You don’t see it as much in the regular season now obviously because of shootouts. In playoffs, the farther you go, there’s a lot. We’ve played I think maybe five overtime games this year. So if we played 23 games, that’s a significant number. Three in a row, doesn’t really matter.

On how Marian Gaborik has allowed him to construct the forward lines:
Allowed us to move players around a little bit. Gaborik can play right wing, left wing.

On any thought to leaving the defense intact or playing Robyn Regehr:
We’ll just do it as games go along, warmups go along, how guys feel.

On whether there’s anything he can say or do to facilitate a better start, or whether it’s up to the players:
No, we thought we had a really good first period last game. I know it’s based strictly on scoring. But we don’t look at it like that. If it was only on whoever scored the first goal or second goal was going to win every game, then lots of you guys would go home after the first period.

On what concerns him about tonight’s Game 3:
I think the biggest concern would be that we’re coming into Madison Square Garden and playing the New York Rangers. Makes sense. It’s logical.