January 30 postgame quotes: Matt Greene - LA Kings Insider

On how Pittsburgh was effective in controlling the lead:
They got those two goals, and they did a lot of other things tonight too. They’re a high-power team, it’s tough to come back when you’re not scoring a lot of goals. We gave up two goals on the PK, and it’s tough chasing a team as good as this one is.

On looking for a spark:
It’s got to come from in here. We’ve got everybody here, and we’ve got to provide that spark on our own, and if not, we’ve got to make some changes. Right now it’s up to us to get this going.

On what adjustments need to be made in advance of Saturday:
We’ve got to be better all the way through. There are a lot of things that have to change from tonight’s game.

On scoring three goals in five games:
We’re getting chances that we’ve got to bury, but we’ve also got to tighten up. You can’t give up three goals in the first period. That’s it. Especially when you’re not scoring. From the defense side there’s a lot of holes in our game right now. You can’t point to one thing and say ‘that’s it.’ There’s a lot of things that need to get tightened up right away.

On whether the team feels like it’s close to turning things around:
Some games yes, some games no.