Insiders Podcast Vol. 8 - LA Kings Insider

HELLO, INSIDERS PODCAST. IT HAS BEEN A WHILE. JD and I are back with 46:31 of smooth listenin’ for you on this Thursday morning. We look back at the St. Louis and Anaheim games while analyzing recent personnel decisions, such as the one that placed Martin Jones in the crease against the Anaheim Ducks in Tuesday’s tense Kings victory. There is only one Simpsons reference, and one WHL reference.

PLEASE GIVE US LOTTERY NUMBERS. PLEASE. Toronto-based writer James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail joins us as a guest and explains to us what he saw in Ben Scrivens that influenced this September 12 tweet:

Mirtle also discusses Jonathan Bernier and the Maple Leafs as an early preview for next Wednesday’s game at the Air Canada Centre.