October 30 Postgame Quotes: San Jose - LA Kings Insider

Joe Thornton on giving up three one-goal leads:
Just a tough call on the too many men on the ice, the last one. We’d like to finish them off in this building, we haven’t won in a long time. It would have been nice to grab the two points, but I felt like we played well. We probably deserved better, but that’s the way it works.

Thornton on the second Too Many Men On the Ice penalty:
It looked like all three guys were at the bench. It was really weird because, I thought, we probably only had two guys, because you get that two foot rule kind of thing and all three guys, I thought, were going to jump. It was just so quick you just don’t realize what happened but it was a tough call.

Thornton on the penalty in overtime:
It was tough. It looked like [Carter] was probably going to score that anyway. It was a tough break and a tough goal at the end.

Thornton on how the Kings played:
Both teams played good. They obviously played last night, for them to come back. They played very well at home and both teams had a good night.

Logan Couture on taking too many penalties:
Too many penalties, can’t give that team six, five, whatever it was, power plays. We are better than that. We just can’t take those penalties. We were sloppy. We just didn’t play great.

Couture on the too many men penalties:
I didn’t see either of them. I was on the ice coming off for both of them, that’s all I know. I didn’t really see what happened.

Couture on if Staples Center is the reason for the loss:
No. It has nothing to do with that. We just didn’t play well enough to win. We could have played in Florida tonight, and probably lost that game too. We just didn’t play well enough to win.

Couture on the defenses:
We didn’t generate enough [offense] obviously. They didn’t either. We defended pretty well even though we were sloppy. Turned the puck over a lot in our own zone uncharacteristically, we can do better.

Couture on earning a point in the standings:
You’re happy with the point, but you’re not satisfied. You got to get two points in this league, especially in the Western Conference. Right now it seems like the West is winning every single night so we need two points.

Todd McLellan on taking too many penalties:
It’s not the end of the world. Penalties are an issue and too many men on the ice is an issue for me. You would that after it happened the first time everybody would be a little more alert on the bench, but for the same line coming up, and maybe even the same individual, for it to happen twice is unacceptable. That really hurt us. I think we wrapped one up for them right off the bat. Their first goal we gifted them and if you take those situations out of the game, it was a hard fought, pretty even game. I don’t know if we have a lot of issues. We got some things that we need to work on. Some of it is just individuals being sharp and you can’t beat teams like that with a few guys that aren’t quite there. Simple as that.

McLellan on giving up the lead three times:
When we have the lead we should be able to shut it down and the fact that we were even late into the game with the lead was somewhat disappointing too.

McLellan on Martin Havlat’s return to the lineup:
I’m going to have to watch it again. He did some good things. I thought he fit in well. It’s not an easy place to come in to play your first game and he didn’t have any exhibition, or even training camp really for that matter, so for him to come back he did a good job.