February 17 postgame quotes: Darryl Sutter - LA Kings Insider

On whether this game was a case of “too little, too late”:
“Too little too early. I think we turned pucks over. [In] the first period we weren’t very sharp.”

On whether he’s happy with Jonathan Quick’s performance and the goaltending consistency:
“I’m not happy. We lost. I’m not happy. We’ve got to win games.”

On what Blackhawks did well in the first period:
“Well, their fourth line has been really good early for them. I think they’ve scored a goal four or five games in a row, and they did again tonight. The Kruger line scored a big goal for them. I didn’t like the Seabrook goal, being that our goaltender should’ve been allowed to have a stick. Pushed it away. It should’ve been a penalty. The shorter referee was standing right by our bench. The other guy couldn’t see it, but the shorter one had the same view that I did. [He] should’ve made the call. We shoved his stick, too, and when they shoved it away it shouldn’t be a goal. That’s my excuse on the first goal.”

On whether L.A. had extra motivation after losing to Chicago the day of the banner ceremony:
“It didn’t appear that way.”

On whether there’s concern at the team’s standing in the second quarter of the season:
“Well, we’re four points out with one or two games in hand on every team ahead of us. That’s what reality is….I think what is more significant, is being at the quarter pole is the fact that we have guys with zero goals at the quarter pole. I don’t even think I’d be in the lineup if I had sero goals at the quarter pole.”