Brown postgame quotes (April 30) - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown’s postgame thoughts…

(on the first period…)

BROWN: “We got off to a good start. Scoring 30 seconds into the game helps, but we didn’t let off the gas at all. We were able to get two late goals that kind of put the game out of reach. It was a battle, especially in the third (period). A lot of PK.’’

(on getting another shorthanded goal…)
BROWN: “I just knocked the puck down, and Kopi is reading the play, to jump up. It’s one of those things. We had to keep going hard on them and frustrate them on the power play.’’

(on Anze Kopitar’s game…)
BROWN: “He’s been probably one of our best players or, other than Quicker, probably our best player all year. When it comes to PK stuff, me and Kopi and PK’d now for five or six years. It’s just instinct for us now, when we get out there and find each other.’’