Sharks think they didn't get fair shake - LA Kings Insider

In the latest Twitter-induced controversy — isn’t it just great? — Terry Murray came under some fire for not going through the handshake line after the end of the Kings-Sharks series last night. Is that poor form, given that his players and assistant coaches go through the line? Or is it a tradition that’s done just for the sake of tradition? There’s valid arguments to be made on both sides of that argument, but none to be made based on the odd “tweet” by Sharks forward Devin Setoguchi that Murray’s non-appearance in the handshake line “might have been a first.” Perhaps Setoguchi was fast asleep in his hotel room, then, when Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle did the exact same thing the night before, as shown live on TV. Carlyle and Murray both congratulated the opposing coaches and left the ice area. Oh well. Because some people seem to be interested, it will come up during Terry Murray’s interview session tomorrow, but TSN’s Darren Dreger handled the whole thing quite nicely in a post today, which you can check out by clicking here