Johnson postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Jack Johnson’s postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
JOHNSON: “I thought our power play was doing well. I thought our penalty kill was great. I think just, in general, we were moving well. I think they made some adjustments, and we had to make adjustments in the third too. I think once they realized we were playing well and moving well, I think they made some adjustments.”

(on the tight Western Conference standings…)
JOHNSON: “Every game means so much. We’re just trying to do our best to win all of our games. If we do that, we know then it doesn’t matter what else is going on. It’s pretty nice to have destiny in your own hands and not have to rely on other teams. That’s the last thing we want to happen is, at the end of the year, be watching hockey games and be hoping and praying for other teams to have a certain outcome. We just have to win our games and we don’t have to sweat it.”