Parse `needs to back off' from skating - LA Kings Insider

When last seen in El Segundo, in the first week of February, Scott Parse was skating fiercely in practice — and after — and apparently making good progress in returning from his November hip surgery. When the Kings returned from their road trip, though, Parse was not on the ice Monday or Tuesday. After practice today, Terry Murray explained why, and the news isn’t good for Parse, who has appeared in only five games this season. Parse, at one point, was on track for a possible return in early March…

MURRAY: “He needs to back off. It was very aggressive, when he came back, to get going again. He was having a little bit of an issue with some soreness. So the direction, to him right now, is to back off on the intensity of his workouts. Let it settle down and get back at it again.”

Question: Do you know when he stopped skating?

MURRAY: “He had his doctor’s appointment yesterday. So up until that point, there was workouts going on. Again, he just had some soreness and some pain, and it’s the opinion of the doctor that it’s because of overuse and trying to get back, by pushing it to the level that he’s not comfortable. Inflammation, maybe, set in. We’re not sure, but take a couple weeks, step back, just slow it down and let things heal up and see how it responds.”