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Terry Murray’s postgame thoughts…)

(on the game…)
MURRAY: “The first power play we get, we make a real soft, easy pass, and they jump on it. That’s kind of the way the whole thing went, all night long. I don’t think we completed three passes in a row tonight. We had a lot of plays end after that second pass. Even on the attacks, when we had possession, we failed to do the right thing through the middle of the ice to give us an opportunity to get an offensive-zone play going. Even though I think we tried to get it going in the second period — there were better decisions that were made, and we did start to do things — when it came to continuing the play with another pass or holding on to the puck a little bit longer, to open up some ice to make a play, it ended. So it was one of those nights.”

(on the Islanders’ speed…)
MURRAY: “The Islanders, right now, are in a very relaxed state. Their players are just playing. They’re stretching guys out. They’re leaving the zone early, to look for those long opportunities. There’s no pressure, there’s no consequence for anything that’s happening out there right now. So that’s the easiest time in your life to play hockey, is when you’re just having fun. Give them credit for doing that. They came at us and won the game. They beat us 3-0.”

(on the road trip…)
MURRAY: “It was a great road trip. It could have been a great road trip, with a win tonight. It was a very good road trip. We played some very hard teams, in big buildings, and had to come through with the right kind of attitude and the right kind of intensity. There was good spirit throughout the whole road trip. I was happy about that. Now we’ve got to bring it back home. We’ve got a couple days, one more game on the road before we’ve got some games back home.”