Simmonds postgame quotes - LA Kings Insider

Wayne Simmonds’ postgame thoughts…

(on the game…)
SIMMONDS: “I guess this game was a little bit better, but the final result is that we still got the loss. It doesn’t make a difference. We have to find a way to get two points. No excuses.”

(on picking up play in the third period…)
SIMMONDS: “That’s been the story for the last eight games. We decide to play when we want, and obviously that’s not good enough. That’s not cutting it. If we’re going to pull out of this, we’ve got to play 60 minutes, hard. It can’t be 59. It can’t be 59:30. It’s got to be the full 60. That’s the only way we’re going to come out of this tailspin.”

(on areas of needed improvement…)
SIMMONDS: “It starts defensively. Obviously if you play good defense, you create offensive opportunities from that. And we haven’t been scoring lately. So obviously we’ve got to get to the net. We’ve got to start crashing the net more and taking the goalie out of the game more.”