Phaneuf/Kopitar aftermath - LA Kings Insider

It would appear, since it’s already 5 p.m. in the East, that no suspensions/fines are coming down to Dion Phaneuf, for his hit on Anze Kopitar, or to Raitis Ivanans, for his elbow/misconduct. Here’s what Terry Murray said today, first about Phaneuf’s hit and then about Ivanans…

(on the Phaneuf hit…)
MURRAY: “You have a lot of concern about what happens in a play like that. You’ve got concussions, you’ve got broken shoulders, you’ve got broken arms, you’ve got back injuries. Last year, several players with ankles, legs. I played with a player in Philadelphia, Joe Watson, and it ended his career. He broke his femur in three different places and it ended his career. So that’s a play that I don’t understand why the players don’t get it. Whether it’s back in 1970 or today, it’s a reckless play. It’s a play that concerns the league, obviously, because of the decisions and rules that have been put in place.

“You have to have some level of respect for your peers in the game. I mean, come on. They’re all a part of a players association. Everybody is trying to make a living playing this sport. There are parts of the game that, you have to understand, are career-threatening, and you’ve got to make the right decision.”

(on possible punishment for Ivanans…)
MURRAY: “I don’t anticipate anything. An elbow is an elbow. It’s a two-minute penalty. I watched the replay. Moss does hit him in the back of the neck, and I talked to the referee about that. He didn’t see it. I think that furthered Raitis’ reaction to what was going on. But I’ll say this about Raitis: he did it face to face. He was square to the guy, and there was nothing from behind.”