December's leading scorer - LA Kings Insider

Who is the Kings’ leading scorer in December? That would be Brad Richardson, with 10 points. What would the odds on that have been at the start of the month? Pretty high, considering Richardson didn’t have a point this season before Dec. 1. Richardson is now on, arguably, the Kings’ best line at the moment, with Scott Parse and Wayne Simmonds, and today, Terry Murray had strong praise for Richardson and the line…

MURRAY: “What you see now is confidence with the puck. He’s starting to make some pretty good plays, finding teammates and also with the puck. There was a play last night when he got the puck on the half-board and attacked the seam, right through the top of the circle. That’s pretty new stuff, for me to see that. That’s just the confidence level, of being involved in the game and being an important player in the game now.

“It’s getting to a time, in my mind — it’s not necessarily going to take place right now — but in mind, Richardson and the line he was with last night, maybe deserves some power-play time, because they are on the puck and doing all the proper things on the offensive side of it. He has taken a huge step here, in his game, and that’s what development is all about.”