Good morning

Good morning, St. Paul

Good morning, Minnesota, and good morning, Insiders. After an arrival shortly before 1:00 a.m. at MSP - that's a good two-hour flight from Nashville - the Kings bused across the Mississippi River and arrived in central St. Paul, where they beat the Calgary Flames not in a hockey game but a race t... Read More

Good morning, Nashville

Good morning, Nashville, good morning, three-game road trip, and good morning, Insiders. The view above is the south-facing view from the team hotel; as opposed to the north-facing view that gazes out upon downtown, this view depicts the still-to-gentrify industrial areas. Here, you can get your ... Read More

Good morning, Dallas

Good morning, Insiders, good morning, Dallas, and good morning, second night of a back-to-back. So, it was a warm, 1:00 a.m. descent from the aircraft stairs at Love field, and by the time we arrived at the team hotel, it was- MOTHER OF PEARL. I HAVE FOUND IT. THE ONE MUNTERS THAT RULES TH... Read More

Good morning, Nashville

Good morning, Nashville, and good morning, Insiders. It's a beautiful morning in Nashville, as you can see from the skyline above, which captures the Eye of Sauron-looking AT&T Building. It's usually rainy when we're here - we should get wet tomorrow - so a clear, mid-60's day is ideal after the... Read More

Good morning, St. Louis

Good morning, St. Louis, and good morning, Insiders. It may have been obscure, but if you recall back to the previous edition of Good Morning, St. Louis, there are several rooms that you don't want to draw at this hotel: 1) Metallic Clanging Flagpole Room 2) Vibrating Room Above Ventilation E... Read More

Good morning, Washington

Good morning, District of Columbia, and good morning, Insiders. It's a snowy morning in the District as the wintry weather continues in, well, winter. We're not expecting much more than an inch or two downtown, but some of the suburban areas around DC have reported half a foot of precipitation, w... Read More

Good morning, Newark

Good morning, Newark, good morning, Insiders, Happy Birthday, Marian Gaborik, and Happy Valentine's Day. Note that this is not Good Morning, Short Hills. With the one-off afternoon game following three days in the city, we made a quick pit stop closer to the arena for the team's only visit to Ber... Read More

Good morning, Boston

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Boston. We touched down in the Commonwealth just before 7:00 p.m. Monday, an arrival that was pushed back because of the team's early morning practice at Toyota Sports Center. There has been snow in the area for the last several days, though this latest w... Read More
San Jose, CA

Good morning, San Jose

Good morning, Silicon Valley, and good morning, Insiders. The team's travel is excellent, and you're not going to hear many complaints registered anywhere. We stay at nice hotels. There is a team charter with comfortable seats. Everything is meticulously planned and executed according to an itine... Read More
Glendale, AZ

Good morning, Glendale

Good morning, Glendale, good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Arizona-San Jose back-to-back. After an off-ice workout, meetings and some video review, the Kings packed up the charter and departed Los Angeles shortly after 2:00 p.m Friday. It is possible to play around with filters and make a ... Read More

Good morning, Denver

Good morning, Denver, and good morning, Insiders. At some point this summer, and I say this every year, I'll ultimately create a list of the best Western Conference road cities, based on weighted criteria of everything from walkability between hotel and arena to the view and WiFi accessibility fr... Read More

Good morning, Calgary

Good morning, Calgary, and Happy New Year, Insiders. May you and your loved ones be touched with happiness, health and comfort in 2016. How are you celebrating the New Year? Are you still recovering from the Y2K world shutdown? We're looking forward to potentially ringing in the New Year more tha... Read More