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Good morning

Good Morning, Boston

Good Morning Boston and Good Morning Insiders! Always better traveling after a win, regardless of the league. We departed from Detroit immediately after the game, taking off around 11 PM, which I deduced despite my computer still being in Pacific time three days later. Just over an hour later, we... Full Story

Good Morning, Detroit

Good Morning Detroit and Good Morning, Insiders. It's a back-to-back day after a late night last night. We departed Pittsburgh at approximately 11:30 PM Eastern Time and arrived to the hotel in Detroit at approximately 1:15 AM. No skate today for the Kings, so we won't see much on tonight's game ... Full Story

Good Morning, Pittsburgh

Good Morning Pittsburgh, and Good Morning Insiders! Brick Tamland Youre Notron GIF from Bricktamland GIFs I am not Ro(se)n……but I am your acting LA Kings Insider for the next five games, encompassing five different Eastern Conference cities. You might as well call this swing the Zach Dooley Tr... Full Story

Good morning, Calgary

Good morning, Calgary, and good morning, Insiders. So! A new arena is coming to Calgary. No shovels are in the ground, obviously, but a deal was finalized earlier this week to build a $550-million new arena to East Victoria Park, which is adjacent to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and in clo... Full Story

Good morning, Edmonton

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, soft light of Oil Country. Ahhh, Western Canada December back-to-backs. Generally these trips have been squeezed in between Christmas and the New Year, and we'll still attach a Vancouver leg onto onto a San Jose road game as a challenging back-to-back div... Full Story

Good morning, Montreal

Good morning, Montreal, and good morning, Insiders. Our team charters a train at least once a year. This has been on the Ottawa-Montreal (or vice versa) route or in travel between either Newark or Philadelphia and Washington. It's enjoyable! It's comfortable, it's relaxed, there's wine. We're sti... Full Story

Good morning, Ottawa

Good morning, Ottawa, and good morning, Insiders. Ahh! Ottawa! Or Kanata. I'm not quite sure where the dividing line is, actually. Our hotel's address says the former, although Ottawa, like West Springfield, is three times the size of Texas. Anyway, we're out in the suburbs this time, and a view ... Full Story

Good morning, Toronto

Good morning, Toronto, and good morning, Insiders. Few cities are as much fun to visit as Toronto, which seems to buzz with youth and energy downtown, even on casual, chilly Sunday nights. I can't even begin to comprehend what it was like here in June. During Game 3, it was evident some 3,000 mil... Full Story

Good morning, Chicago

Good morning, Chicago, and good morning, Insiders. A stick tap to those in silver-black-and-white we saw at our St. Paul hotel yesterday - those who made the drive across the Upper Midwest or took flights from points beyond to see the Kings lose important moments of the game and get flattened in ... Full Story

Good morning, St. Paul

Good morning, St. Paul, and good morning, Insiders. Good morning... college hockey! For a city that doesn't offer the same type of "recreation" as Nashville or Vegas, or the same weather as Los Angeles or San Jose, St. Paul is still an enjoyable stop. First, it's Minnesota, and we work in hockey,... Full Story

Good morning, St. Louis

Good morning, St. Louis, and good morning, Insiders. GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! Our St. Louis hotel, where I've spent approximately 11 of my 38 years on this planet, has undergone extensive renovations. We didn't stay here last year - you may or may not recall from the 14th edition of Good Morning, St.... Full Story

Good morning, Winnipeg

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Winnipeg. Hello from the corner of Portage and Main, allegedly the windiest intersection in North America, and not in the Lombard Street way. Because of reasons unknown hockey, I've found myself abroad for national elections more often than the ty... Full Story