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Good morning

Good morning, Philadelphia

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Philly. After five days in Florida, the LA Kings' 2020 Hot Trip took a frosty detour to America's most charming and restrained medium-sized burgh, Philadelphia. Requests to move this game to Orlando's Amway Arena were denied, so it will be continue as sch... Full Story

Good morning, Tampa

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Tampa. Academy Awards nominations will be revealed Monday morning, affording us an appropriate time to jump right into a discussion of the best movies of the past decade. I'll start. In fact, I've kept a spreadsheet. There were 67 movies released betwe... Full Story

Good morning, Cary

Good morning, Cary, and good morning, Insiders. No, it's not Raleigh, nor is it Cal-gary, but rather Cary, a comfortable suburb in the booming Research Triangle, a swath of medium-sized cities and ACC universities spread over a six or seven-county region. It's beautiful and woodsy and particularl... Full Story

Good morning, Las Vegas

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, Las Vegas. The light of a Vegas morning can be harsh, as anyone who's taken an 8:45 a.m. taxi to McCarran on a Sunday in July can tell you. But this is winter, and the solsitial light splashed a gold filter across a panoramic, northeast-facing view that c... Full Story

Good Morning, Vancouver

Good Morning, Vancouver! It was a long night of travel, but a win like last night’s makes it a lot easier. After approximately a two-hour flight from San Jose to Vancouver, it was a long-ish bus ride from the airport to the hotel in Vancouver and at around 1:30 AM, we had arrived and were ready t... Full Story

Good Morning, Buffalo

Good Morning, Buffalo.....more like Buffa-Snow! If you didn't like the first one, then there'snow way you'll like the rest of this blog entry. And if it makes you feel any better, snowone laughed when I made that first joke on my Instagram story last night either. Well, we have arrived – Stop... Full Story

Good Morning, Columbus

Welcome to Columbus, what a view! O-H-I-O – Home of the state and university that whips the University of Michigan once a year in football. Also home of certainly the most unique, and possibly the best plate of chicken parmesan in the NHL (at least in the 6 cities I’ve been fortunate enough to wo... Full Story

Good Morning, Boston

Good Morning Boston and Good Morning Insiders! Always better traveling after a win, regardless of the league. We departed from Detroit immediately after the game, taking off around 11 PM, which I deduced despite my computer still being in Pacific time three days later. Just over an hour later, we... Full Story

Good Morning, Detroit

Good Morning Detroit and Good Morning, Insiders. It's a back-to-back day after a late night last night. We departed Pittsburgh at approximately 11:30 PM Eastern Time and arrived to the hotel in Detroit at approximately 1:15 AM. No skate today for the Kings, so we won't see much on tonight's game ... Full Story

Good Morning, Pittsburgh

Good Morning Pittsburgh, and Good Morning Insiders! Brick Tamland Youre Notron GIF from Bricktamland GIFs I am not Ro(se)n……but I am your acting LA Kings Insider for the next five games, encompassing five different Eastern Conference cities. You might as well call this swing the Zach Dooley Tr... Full Story

Good morning, Calgary

Good morning, Calgary, and good morning, Insiders. So! A new arena is coming to Calgary. No shovels are in the ground, obviously, but a deal was finalized earlier this week to build a $550-million new arena to East Victoria Park, which is adjacent to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and in clo... Full Story

Good morning, Edmonton

Good morning, Insiders, and good morning, soft light of Oil Country. Ahhh, Western Canada December back-to-backs. Generally these trips have been squeezed in between Christmas and the New Year, and we'll still attach a Vancouver leg onto onto a San Jose road game as a challenging back-to-back div... Full Story