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Good Morning, Buffalo

Greetings from Buffalo, Insiders. Driving to the hotel from the airport early in the morning, we couldn't see much since there was quite a bit of fog. Also, as you can tell by my photo, there is again no visible sun – though we had about 10 minutes yesterday in Pittsburgh on the bus ride to the aren... Full Story

Good morning, Buffalo

Good morning, Insiders, good morning, road trip, and good morning, Buffalo. I generally try to avoid the HEY GUESS HOW COLD IT'S GOING TO BE discussion during Good Morning posts this time of year, because, hey, it's winter, it's going to be cold. But, Insiders, this is going to be a chilly cycle ... Full Story

Good morning, Buffalo

Good morning, Western New York, and good morning, Insiders. The American half of the nearly two-week road trip through the Eastern Conference is almost complete, and one of the familiar observations we've heard from locals - either in the arena, in transit, or around town - is that we've brought ... Full Story

Good morning, Buffalo

It is good to be back in Buffalo, even if this visit may result in the release of some pent up frustration from my previous visit 10 years ago. The only other time I set foot in this city, a heralded Austrian freshman named Thomas Vanek scored midway through overtime for the University of Minnes... Full Story