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Good Morning, Columbus

Good Morning Insiders and Good Morning Columbus! Another short flight last evening after last night’s game and the Kings have arrived in their third city in three nights – Columbus, Ohio. I still have visions of the old Columbus logo, the mark they had when they started as an NHL franchise. I... Read More

Waking Up With The Kings: December 11

In a season that has seen its share of losses that did not feature the compete level that is needed to win at the NHL level, last night's defeat was not an addition to that collection. The Kings competed to the tune of 81 shot attempts and 43 shots on goal, a season high on the latter and the second... Read More

Good Morning, Buffalo

Good Morning Buffalo and Good Morning Insiders! The Kings touched down in Buffalo last night after a short flight from Detroit in advance of tonight's meeting in Western New York. The last time I was in Buffalo was the last time I was in my home state of New York. The date was May 28 and ... Read More

Waking up with the Kings: December 9

After Oscar Lindberg’s scored some four and a half minutes into the game, some may have cracked their lazy blogging knuckles, probably brushing off Cheeto dust before foretelling the inevitable calamity to come while tacking on the note “LAK 1-16-1 when allowing the first goal” as a caboose. But tha... Read More