AHL Update - Suspension "will not be lifted before May" - LA Kings Insider

The American Hockey League announced a brief update this afternoon, in follow-up to the league’s indefinite suspension of all play last Thursday.


SPRINGFIELD, Mass – The American Hockey League has advised its clubs that the indefinite suspension of AHL play will not be lifted before May.

The League is recommending that teams facilitate the return of AHL players to their primary residences.

So, for now, the 2019-20 season is still alive, despite some false reports on social media today that the season would be cancelled this afternoon. Patrick Williams, AHL guru, reported following the announcement that the league would follow the NHL’s lead on any further decisions.

The future is unclear, and the AHL has a different business model, and different obstacles in its path to a return than the NHL does. A reminder that this is not even a day-to-day situation, it’s a minute-to-minute situation and that things could change at any time. It’s not as simple as creating a course of action to follow, with the probability of things continuing to change outside of the control of the league. Until the next update…..