The No-Name Podcast. We're working on that. - LA Kings Insider

INSIDERS. Please let Patrick O’Neal and I have your ears for 25 minutes. We’re beta testing our new road podcast, which will eventually grow to include more sound effects, highlights and appearances from Kings figures all in the name of taking you across North America with us and drawing the curtain back a little bit on the rhythm and camaraderie of the road. There are always wonderful stories to tell about our travels, about our dinners and our conversations, about Bob Miller and Nick Nickson and all of the wonderful people we’ve built lifelong friendships with and have spent so much of the fall and winter months with.

This podcast will ultimately have a name. We have an excellent name in mind right now, but we’re not yet ready to attach it to the podcast, so for now, it’s the No-Name Podcast. We know. The No-Name Podcast is not a very good name, and in fact has been used before. But we’re always open to suggestions of names and story pitches, so please let us know if there’s a certain area of conversation you’d like us to focus on. For now, it’s an introductory pod in which we clear our throat and test our lungs. Before I undersell it even more, here’s the first edition of [podcast name redacted].