Blake shares an update on framework for Doughty talks - LA Kings Insider

It’s a busy time of the off-season for NHL teams, players and general managers, but Rob Blake took nearly 30 minutes to speak with a collection of reporters on a conference call earlier today. A myriad of subjects were discussed and will be shared on LAKI, but before then, here’s your Drew Doughty update.

Rob Blake, on whether he’ll move forward with personnel decisions before Drew Doughty is “figured out,” or whether Doughty has to be “figured out” before moving forward with other decisions:
No, I think we move forward with other stuff. We’re under the understanding we’re going to do what it takes to get Drew signed. That’s our understanding here. [Reporter: Has there been any update at all regards to talking to him recently?] I had conversations with Drew just regarding timing of all this, and I understand the July 1 and all that. He knows our focus has been on the draft, and then I communicated with him, we’ll sit down after and get things going.

There’s so much more to come from today’s chat on topics such as Toby Rieder, Gabe Vilardi, the draft, speed and skill, etc, etc, etc. Mark Yannetti will also speak with reporters this afternoon. Stay tuned, Insiders…

-Lead photo via Adam Pantozzi/NHLI