Wednesday venting and plotting open thread - LA Kings Insider

A good morning to you, Insiders. The residue from the abrupt end to the 2017-18 season is still sour, and will remain sour as the feelings and emotions that were so vivid four, five and six years ago are experienced by other teams and other fans amidst the parity-rich NHL circle of life.

There are plenty of news, reports and stories to come. Later today, the Selke Trophy finalists will be announced. Expect an update on this site during the three o’clock hour, given that Anze Kopitar is among the favorites to win the award. But apart from any Selke news, use this space to blog, vent, and plot the diabolical schemes that once again raise the Kings to the top of the NHL’s food chain. This is your space, Insiders.

Thank you, as always, for the wonderful conversation Rich and I have had for the last nine seasons. The 2018-19 season will mark the 10th season of LA Kings Insider, a run of longevity marked more by the thrilling highs than the more recent, hard-to-accept lows.

There’s still so much to talk about. Pull up a chair and share your thoughts.


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-Lead photo via Juan Ocampo/NHLI