Back at the rink... - LA Kings Insider

Good morning from El Segundo, where the sun shines bright on a Monday morning. Michael Cammalleri was out for a spin while the Zamboni was still cutting the ice, and was soon joined by teammates to form the following forward lines:

Gray: Iafallo-Kopitar-Brown
Blue: Pearson-Kempe-Toffoli
Yellow: Cammalleri-Shore-Lewis
Purple: Andreoff-Laich-Dowd-Amadio

Pierre LeBrun interviewed Dean Lombardi in a one-on-one feature that ran in The Athletic. It’s a pay site, and LAKI’s advice is the subscription is well worth the monthly fee. One excerpt:

LEBRUN: To finish this, Dean, I want to ask you if you’ve talked to Mike Richards since everything happened. We were talking about relationships with players and loyalty and everything else, now that some time has passed, how would you put into words what transpired with him?

LOMBARDI (34 seconds elapsed as Lombardi collected his thoughts before answering): There’s not too many times that when I think about the teams that won I don’t start thinking of him. When I talk about special players, the public is so enamoured with talent, there’s two things about talent: they think it’s synonymous with character, they think it’s synonymous with selflessness, when in reality it’s not the case at all. Talent and those special qualities are not synonymous…

More to come on a Monday in El Segundo…