October 30 postgame quotes: Brown, Pearson - LA Kings Insider

Dustin Brown, …(joined in progress):
Quite honestly I think all these challenges and reviews should be done in Toronto that way you have the same group of guys looking at every single play all year long. It’s a judgment call on refs and it’s tough for them—they’re looking at a eight-inch screen and one ref’s opinion might be different than the next one and the next and so on. So it’s how the league works right now, I just think it would be better if they have that whatever-it’s-called in Toronto. Should have a group of people looking at those so that it’s consistent game-to-game, team-to-team. Those are things that happen. Those things all even out in the end. Over the course of the year, we’re going to get one where maybe there’s a similar play.

Brown, on the road trip overall:
I think we had a really good trip. We had exactly what we wanted to come after a really good home stand, is getting on the road and not only seeing how we respond to the travel, but a really good matchup every night. But we competed, it’s one of those things where, like I said, you have to learn from every loss.

Tanner Pearson, on the narrow loss to St. Louis:
Yeah, you know, obviously chasing the game a bit, doesn’t go in our favor tonight. But you know we gave it a good push there and had enough looks to get that last one, but weren’t able to get it in the back of the net.

Pearson, on any similarities between St. Louis and Los Angeles:
I think, you know you look at both teams’ forechecks in the neutral zone and they’re pretty identical, pretty evenly skilled too. And it’s kind of whenever we play these guys it seems to be a big-bodied game and you’ve got to be ready to battle.

Pearson, on what sticks out about the 4-and-2 road trip:
Yeah, I think we had a couple comeback wins, you look at Columbus there, you know it was a lot of hard fought games on the road, good matchups. A lot of gutsy efforts by a lot of guys and we would like to have that one tonight, but you know 4-on-2 it’s pretty good overall.

Pearson, on if the Kings were chasing the puck too much:
Yeah, we were chasing the game. It doesn’t usually work in your favor and teams are going to capitalize and stuff like that in this league and they did. And we gave it a push at the end, but we’re going to take a look at that last one.

Pearson, on the Kings not being able to get much past Jake Allen:
Yeah, maybe, I think I had a good chance too with the two whacks in front of the net. You know, it just seemed a couple like that all night. Maybe it wasn’t at the right spot at the right time or whatnot, but we just couldn’t get that last one.

Pearson, on getting eight out of a possible 12 points on the road trip:
Yeah, I think anytime you go on the road and you finish 4-and-2, that’s a pretty good road trip. And obviously we would have liked to have to have won tonight it would’ve been a really really good road trip, but we’ll take it and move on to the next one.

Pearson, on the Kings’ play in the second period:
I think anytime you give a home team a bit of momentum you know, they can swing with it, and they did that. We weren’t able to calm the storm quick enough and they were able to pop a few on us and we weren’t able to just get back in the game.