Thornton to remain a Shark, via report - LA Kings Insider

Via Kevin Kurz:

Via Bob McKenzie:

$6.5M, even for for one year, seemed to be more lucrative than the contract I’d have envisioned him agreeing on with Los Angeles, even though it’s only a one-year deal. There were other teams involved, and while the Kings made a strong push, it always seemed like San Jose would be the ultimate destination and that it would take extra to convince him to sign with a major, heated rival. As we got closer to the weekend, other teams also gained similar footing to the Kings, but L.A. appeared to be there beyond the 9:00 a.m. PT opening of free agency. Interestingly, the intel so many of us received was that Patrick Marleau would be the domino to influence Thornton, but Thornton agreed to his contract before Marleau, who remains a free agent as of now. As you were, Kings fans.